Porsche 356 Registry High Desert Holiday 2019


Step #1

Click on the Register button below to start the process at ClubRegistration.net.

Step #2

Enter all the information noted with an asterisk(*), it is required. Be sure to add the information for your Co-registrant.

Step #3

Select all of the desired options and pay using a personal credit card or PayPal (no account needed).

Registration activity for the High Desert Holiday has exceeded expectations and is now closed.



Registration Process

To begin the registration process click the Registration button below. This will take you to the Registration.net web site to begin the process. If you have already registered with ClubRegistration, you will see a log in screen.  Log in and begin High Desert Holiday (HDH) registration.  If you do not have a log in account with ClubRegistration, you will see an area to the right side of the page for New Account to enter your name, address and related info. 

  • Please enter your 356 vehicle information on your profile Vehicles page (menu: My Account / Edit Vehicles). You may add as many vehicles as desired.
    • This information will be used for the Concours car show class entry.
  • Please enter your 356 Registry Member Number on your profile Memberships page (menu: Membership / Edit My Memberships).
    • The primary registrant must be a 356 Registry member to attend the HDH. The co-registrant does not need to be a member.

This information will now automatically transfer over to your High Desert Holiday registration – you will not have to do it twice. If for some reason you need to Search for the event on the ClubRegistration site, use the keyword "356" to find the High Desert Holiday event.

Please enter or answer all areas with an asterisk, they are required for you to finish the registration.  Don’t forget to register your Co-Registrant, if you are bringing a family member or friend.  You will also need your 356 Registry Membership number to register.

When you see the “Pay Now” screen, you have successfully entered the required information, with only payment required to complete registration.  You may Pay online using your credit card or Paypal.  Payment options and instructions are clearly stated within the registration system.  When payment is received you will receive a confirmation email to the email address you submitted to ClubRegistration.

This ClubRegistration registration process is going to be used for future Porsche 356 Registry events as well as many local club events, so creating your personal account information will make signing up for upcoming events quick and easy. Please take the time to complete your account profile, it will save you some time later.

Registration activity for the High Desert Holiday has exceeded expectations and is now closed.

Need help?

For web site or registration entry questions contact Co-Chairs Scott Evans (Webmaster) at 73sevans@gmail.com (tel: 602-622-8625) or Steve Proctor (Registrar) at HighDesertHoliday@gmail.com  (tel: 520-419-0359).