Porsche 356 Registry High Desert Holiday 2019

Driving Tour to Sedona, Jerome, and Cottonwood – Friday

Date and Times

  • Friday October 4, 2019 

Overview of the Drive

This tour offers a variety of views of Central Arizona from the old mining town of Jerome on the side of a mountain, to the Verde River Valley community of Cottonwood, to the spectacular scenic beauty of Sedona and its red rock formations.

Jerome is a lively “ghost town” that became an artist’s community and has great views of the Verde River Valley.  The decent from Jerome to the riverside town of Cottonwood and its tree-lined streets will give everyone a different idea of Arizona landscape than sand and cactus.  Sedona is well known far and wide for the spectacular red rock natural formations and the wonderful scenery.  This drive will take the participants through some of the most scenic areas where having a camera is a must.  

The outbound route and the return trip from and to Flagstaff will be by way of the Oak Creek Canyon.  This canyon was formed by Oak Creek and the road parallels this small but mighty creek.  The evidence of the work done by the creek can be seen in the cliff walls and the deep gorges that remain.  The road is a favorite “Porsche Road” to Arizona 356 owners and the climb out of the canyon to gain altitude is a joy to 356 drivers.

Things to Know

  • The full tour will take about 7 hours (including lunch) and cover about 140 miles.
  • This will be a general tour of Sedona to see the Red Rock scenery stopping at some places to take pictures.
  • The return to Flagstaff will be by way of Oak Creek Canyon.
HDH ride to Mingus Mtn