Porsche 356 Registry High Desert Holiday 2019

Driving Tour to Meteor Crater and Winslow – Thursday

Date and Times

  • Thursday October 3, 2019 

Overview of the Drive

Meteor Crater is the result of a 150-foot diameter meteor impacting the Earth 50,000 years ago.  The resulting crater is over 4,000 feet across and is the largest preserved crater in the world.  The interpretive center is full of information about the crater and the surrounding countryside and is well-worth the time to explore the center.  After visiting the crater, the group will proceed East to Winslow, AZ for lunch at the spectacular and historic La Posada Hotel.

This hotel was constructed in the 1930’s and was a major stop on the Santa Fe Railroad.  The hotel was originally staffed by “Fred Harvey Girls” to serve the hotel guests.  After falling into disrepair, the hotel was refurbished to its former glory and is a treasure to experience.  The Turquoise Dining Room is beautiful and serves excellent meals.

After lunch, there will be an opportunity to visit the famous street in Winslow to “Stand on the Corner” as made popular in song.  This is a good location for a photo with the statue of James Dean!  The return trip can be a reversal of the Eastbound trip on I-40 or by way of a pleasant two-lane road through Native American areas and communities. 

Things to Know

  • The full tour will take about 6 hours and cover about 120 miles.
  • The Meteor Crater is privately owned and is NOT part of the National Parks system.
  • The entrance fee to Meteor Crater is $18 per person ($16 for seniors 60 and older). Website is Meteor Crater.com.
  • Allow at least 2 hours the Crater for viewing and for visiting the interpretive center and displays.
  • The tour will continue to Winslow and the Historic La Posada Hotel.
  • Reservations will be made for the lunch at La Posada.
  • The estimated time for lunch and for touring the La Posada hotel and grounds is 2 hours.