Porsche 356 Registry High Desert Holiday 2019



The People's Choice Car Show

The 2019 High Desert Holiday Concours and Car Show on Saturday will feature cars staged for public viewing.   Bring your camera, because the sight of this many 356’s will be a photo opportunity to savor for years to come.  For this event all members’ cars will be included in the People’s Choice balloting, there will not be any judged categories. 



Year Style

Class 1



Class 2

1956-1959 A Open

Class 3


A Closed

Class 4 1960-1963

B Open

Class 5

1960-1963 B Closed
Class 6 1964-1966

C Open

Class 7

1964-1966 C Closed
Class 8 All


Class 9

All Speedster
Class 10 All

Special Interest

Class 11



Class 12 All

Best of Show


All cars are invited to show and will be eligible for People’s Choice balloting in your model specific class.  Keeping it simple, there will be no score sheets returned or protest committees.

Specially designed medallion awards will be presented for 1st place, 2nd place, and 3rd place in classes 1 through 9. A special award will be presented to each class 10 and 11 winner, and a special award presented to the Best in Show. In keeping with the spirit of Holidays past, this will remain a casual gathering of Porsche 356 enthusiasts focused on having fun rather than solely competition.