Porsche 356 Registry High Desert Holiday 2019

Arizona Outlaws 356 Club

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Our Approach

No dues, no rules.

Our Preamble

To share our knowledge of, interest in and enthusiasm for Porsche 356 automobiles.

About the Club

The Arizona Outlaws 356 Club is dedicated to the preservation and enjoyment of the Porsche 356 and to the fellowship of 356 enthusiasts. Arizona has some of the best scenic and twisty back road drives for 356ers, combined with a great year round climate. Our mission is to enjoy all aspects of the Porsche 356, the people who love to drive them, and the comaraderie of that group during drives and events.

The Arizona Outlaws organize two three day driving trips each year; the Bulldog Kliffs Rennen in April and the Javelina 100 Tour in October. These three day adventures are open to all 356 enthusiasts. For more information go to the Outlaws web site at az356outlaws.org.

This High Desert Holiday event will be the fifth Porsche 356 Registry West Coast Holiday organized by the Arizona Outlaws 356 Club "on the nines"; 1979, 1989, 1999, 2009 and 2019.